Flow Meter LC M10

  • – Size : 2 Inches
  • – Accuracy : 0.2-0.3%
    Flow Maks. : 570 LPM
    – Presure : 10 Bar
    – Temperature : -40-71 Derajat Celcius
    – Application : Kerosen, Solar, Minyak Encer, Minyak Kental, Oli.


Superior performance features

Low pressure drop – will operate on gravity flow or pump pressure.

Sustained accuracy – no metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring
chamber means minimal wear and deterioration in accuracy over time,
fewer recalibrations, and longer service life. Meters conform to NIST and
International Weights and Measures accuracy requirements.

Wide viscosity range – LC meters can accurately meter products from
less than 30 SSU (less than 1 centipoise) to 1,500,000 SSU (325,000

Maximum adaptability – choice of stock or custom elbows/fittings
provides unequaled mounting flexibility to meet widely varying installation


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